About Us

"Create a world of manufacturing that's more individual, creative, and affordable for all."

Founded in 2013, Ecubmaker set sail to transform the 3D printing and manufacturing business. Fantasy series opens the gateway to a dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing. Engineers, architects and designers now have access to large dimension 3D printing at a much lower price with the Fantasy Pro series 3D printers.

Fantasy Pro 3D printers are constructed to feel at home anywhere, in rugged work environments such as workshops or construction zones, and or in tidy offices or studios. From furnitures to vehicles to robotics, we think everything is possible. We want you to envision everything from human scale robot parts, sculptural artworks in all their full-dimensional glory, and dream the impossible world-changing designs of tomorrow while enabling you to print them today using the Fantasy Pro 3D Printer.