Ecubmaker Fantasy Pro II

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Dual extruders

State of the art printheads, designed specifically for dual sync action, build your designs in harmony. The result is a beautiful synchrony between primary and secondary extruders that work together to build your design, layer by layer. Now, complex designs with difficult angles are no longer an issue, ensuring prints come out as fine as they were initially designed.   

Fantasy Pro II's extruders can output an impressive 0.05mm-0.4mm layer thickness, probing you with the ability to produce fast drafts or premium quality designs. With 0.05mm, or 50 microns, the lines within your design is almost invisible, producing a near-smooth finish that is pleasant to touch, feel, and see. Print at 0.4mm, or 400 microns, for fast drafts that reduce print times up to 150%. This means a design that typically takes 50 minutes to print will be finished in under 20 minutes.

Large build area

EcubMaker Fantasy Pro II offers one of the largest build areas in its class, available at consumer price levels. A spacious 300x200x200mm ensures that ample space is provided for you to build practical objects. This is the difference between a functional 3D printer and a hobby 3D printer. 

Fully enclosed Case

Fully enclosed case ensures the optimal build chamber temperature required to print your designs successfully. Fantasy Pro II regulates the internal chamber temperatures to ensure consistent printing temperature for PLA and ABS printing. With ABS printing, this regulation reduces warp and outputs a smooth, flat bottom surface for your build. For PLA, having a regulated internal temperature means PLA does not become excessively stringy when it's extruded.

Moreover, the enclosed case provides extra protection against prying hands, as the extruders operate at extreme high temperatures. View your design through the transparent door without having to access the build chamber.

Use Any Slicing Software

EcubMaker Fantasy Pro II supports a wide range of popular slicing software today. This includes Simplify 3D, CURA, and the Makerbot Desktop app. Pick the most suitable slicing software to use that best complements your design.


Technology FDM/FFF Connection USB or SD Card
Operating Interface OLED Screen with Dial Language English/Chinese
Build Area 300x 200x 200mm Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Linux, Mac OS X
Extruders Dual Power Supply 110V-220V; 500W; 50HZ-60Hz
Filament 1.75mm ABS, PLA, HIPS, PEG-E250 Net Weight 32Kg
Color Black/Ti Metal Frame Gross Weight 35Kg
Printing Accuracy +/-0.1mm Dimension 506x379x454mm
Position Accuracy Z Axis 2.5um, XY Axis 11um Package Size 640×530×560mm
Layer Thickness 0.05mm-0.4mm Slicing Software Cura/Makerware/Simplify 3D/ReplicatorG
Nozzle DIameter 0.4mm File Type Input: STL/OBJ; Output: Gcode
Printing Speed Max. 24ml/h Heatbed Temperature Max. 120C
Extruder Temperature Max. 260C Warranty 12 Months